Macrium Reflect 8

Macrium Reflect 8

Macrium Reflect is an advanced and powerful software that allows you to create compressed backup files of important data and restore files with very little effort. This software allows you to create an image file of the system partitions where the operating system is installed. This way you can easily restore Windows in an emergency or keep all your favorite settings. By using advanced delta detection technology (delta detection), you can recover data quickly. Macrium Reflect allows you to perform backups at user-defined intervals (daily, weekly and monthly).

Macrium Reflect Features and Features:

Ultra-fast virtual and physical imaging of Windows systems

Restore images to different devices with Macrium ReDeploy

Ability to restore files and create backups

SSD Trim Support: This feature provides automatic SSD optimization and SSD performance improvement.

Rapid Delta Clone: ​​Enhanced cloning capabilities with RDR technology to speed up disk cloning by 90%

Restore the entire disk or multiple partitions in one operation

Copy directly from one hard drive to another without creating files, partitions can be rearranged and edited in the process.

Send backup completion status with new integrated email component

Use VBScript or MS-DOS batch file backup definitions to include them in the workflow process

Add a password to the backup file to prevent unauthorized access to the data

required system

At least 512 MB of RAM (at least 1 GB recommended)

Windows XP Windows XP 64-bit Windows Vista Windows Vista 64-bit Windows 7 Windows 7 64-bit Windows 8 Windows 8 64-bit Windows 2003 Windows 2008 Windows 2008 64-bit Windows 2008 R2 Windows Server 2012 Windows 10 Windows 10 64-bit

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Call of Duty: Mobile for PC

Call of Duty: Mobile for PC

Casual shooter game for Windows PC Call of Duty Mobile for PC is the Windows version of the popular Battle Royale game series. This World War II shooter has become popular among players around the world. Currently competing with titles like Counter Strike, PUBG, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, etc. Call of Duty Mobile is the best way to enjoy tons of missions, game modes and dynamic shooting on a big PC screen. In the past, this game has various versions, each version offers something new and interesting. COD Mobile does not take a one-dimensional approach. Instead, it focuses on everything from intergalactic wars to the Vietnam War. The title comes with exciting gameplay, single player and multiplayer modes, solo campaign and various missions. Call of Duty Mobile for Windows offers the same immersive experience you’ll find on Android, but on a bigger screen. The only problem is that the controls are not as smooth as those found on mobile devices, a lot of missions, and the multiplayer mode Call of Duty Mobile entered the market in 2003. Created by Activision Publishing, the main focus of the game is focus on simulation of weapons of young children and layers common steel in the Second World War. At the time, the game used an upgraded version of the ID Tech 3 Engine, which led to comparisons with other action-packed shooters. In a short time, this game became very popular among Duty Mobile for PC players considering the many points of view in the story. It lets you play the game from different perspectives, including the British, Soviet and American governments fighting in World War II. While playing the game, you can control the baby; he carries a variety of firearms and weapons from the destructive battle. Fierce combat and multiple missions can keep you visually busy? Call of Duty game download provides an amazing cinematic experience. Although the developer may update the graphics in the next version, the action-packed sequences feature plenty of high-energy scenes of violence, horror and drama. The game manages to capture the horrors of war through the perspectives of the various soldiers mentioned earlier, the campaign focuses on three armies, British, Soviet and American. Like COD Mobile, this version features 24 missions, each one planting a seed for the next installment in game mechanics? Call of Duty Mobile for Windows tries to replicate some elements of the battlefield on your desktop or laptop screen. The gameplay looks and feels different from other great single player shooters. Call of Duty was, in fact, one of the first few games to use the concept of an AI controlled troop and the first installment, Call of Duty Mobile had emphasized squad gameplay. Although there are solo missions, the game doesn’t place much importance on single player mode. Throughout the game, many characters run on machines controlled by AI, which plays a big part in defeating what weapons are available? Compared to other action games for Windows computers, Call of Duty Mobile is the first to feature metal action. You can click on the appropriate button to shoot at the target using the gun magnifier. This provides more accuracy and accuracy. Each player receives two primary weapons, including a shotgun and a grenade. You can throw up to 10 bombsas well as to kill Call of Duty game download bring multiple weapons for deadly attack. In addition, players can exchange weapons and equipment with those scattered around the battlefield. In addition to hand-held weapons, players can equip fixed equipment, including machine mounts from Duty Mobile for PC inspired by original British, German and Russian weaponry sets from various wars. Some of the more popular weapon options include submachine guns, grenades, shotguns, pistols, etc. COD Mobile allows you to carry two big guns at once. However, it is important to keep weapons close at hand. Helping you in various battlefield activities, such as the last quarter of the last few years, COD Mobile has been updated several times. With more than 20 versions of the game, excluding add-ons, Call of Duty Mobile for Windows has covered many battles, countries and battles. But, apart from that, the first phase is still the most fun and the most popular, the first version of Call of Duty Mobile that paved the way for various improvements, offering something new in the midst of shooting games. Even though the controls may get some improvements in the Windows version, the game still offers players a fun and engaging experience. Packed with tons of features, Call of Duty game download is never boring to be the best choice for action game fans. COD Mobile’s biggest advantage is its strong campaign mode, which focuses on multiplayer and multiplayer modes. With many battles around you, you can participate in many events in different parts of the world. The stunning graphics make everything look realistic, and the weapons simulate real combat experiences. Compared to other action games for Windows PC, COD seems to be the best version of Duty Mobile which brings real, intense, well-designed single player missions along with exciting multiplayer battles. . If you don’t want to play alone, choose a server, and you’ll be able to enjoy happy hour. Once you’ve downloaded and installed COD on your Windows PC, you don’t need to look for anything else. This title is suitable for all age groups and provides a great gaming experience. Compared to the Android version, the Windows counterpart makes everything look bigger, better and more interesting.

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Windows 11 21H2 16in1 en-US x64 - Integral Edition 2022.7.14

Windows 11 21H2 16in1 en-US x64 - Integral Edition 2022.7.14

Masaüstü ekran görüntüleri ve kötü amaçlı yazılım taramaları:

(#) Değişiklikler:

* Windows 11 21H2 x64 için (Haziran).2022’den (Temmuz).2022’ye en son güncellemeler eklendi: KB5014675 (KB5014039’un yerine geçer) | KB5015021 (KB5014036’nın yerine geçer) | KB5015814 (KB5014697’nin yerine geçer).

* Bazı özelleştirme iyileştirmeleri eklendi.

* Windows Defender Antivirus (KB2267602) x64 için Güvenlik Analizi Güncellemesi “” yerine “” olarak güncellendi.

* Windows Defender Antivirus (KB4052623) x64 kötü amaçlı yazılımdan koruma platformu “” yerine “” olarak güncellendi.

* Windows Kötü Amaçlı Yazılım Temizleme Aracı (KB890830) x64, “” yerine “” olarak güncellendi.

* Microsoft Edge (Chromium) x64 tarayıcısı “” yerine “” olarak güncellendi.

* “” olan Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 x86/x64 yeniden dağıtılabilir sürümü “” olarak güncellendi.

* “” olan Office 2021 Professional Plus x86/x64 çevrimiçi yükleyicisi “” olarak güncellendi.

* Mozilla Firefox x64 “” yerine “” olarak güncellendi.

* 7-Zip x64 “” yerine “” olarak güncellendi.

* Tam K-Lite codec paketi x86/x64’ten “” olarak güncellendi.


(oh oh)

—————oOOo-(_)-oOOo————- ————– – —

Windows 11 21H2 16in1 tr-US x64 Entegre

Hata raporları ve sorular için siteyi ziyaret edin

================================================ = == ==== =========================

(#) Windows 11 sistem gereksinimlerindeki boşluklar:

* Bu, temiz yükleme ve yükseltme senaryolarında çalışır.

1. TPM (Güvenilir Platform Modülü) kontrolü yok.

2. Güvenli indirme doğrulaması yok.

3. Minimum işlemci (CPU) kontrolü yok.

4. En az 4 GB RAM olup olmadığını kontrol etmeyin.

5. 64 GB minimum disk alanı kontrolü yoktur.

* Güncelleme menüsünde “11” yerine “Sunucu” kelimesini göreceksiniz, bu normaldir, işin püf noktası tüm sistem gereksinimlerini atlamaktır.

* Yükseltme sırasında bir ürün anahtarınız yoksa, yalnızca ISODisc “.sources” dosyasındaki genel ürün anahtarını kullanın.

(#) Windows 11 Güncellemesi:

* Tüm Windows 11 21H2 x64 güncellemeleri (Temmuz) tarihine kadar mevcuttur. 2022:

1. KB890830 – Windows Kötü Amaçlı Yazılım Kaldırıcı v

2. KB2267602 – Windows Defender Antivirus v2 için güvenlik analizi güncellemesi

3. KB4052623 – Windows Defender Antivirus Kötü Amaçlı Yazılımdan Koruma Platformu Güncellemesi v2

4. KB4559309 – Microsoft Edge (Chromium) sürümü.

5. KB5007575—Windows 11, sürüm 21H2 için .NET Framework için kritik dinamik güncelleştirme.

8..NET Framework ve Windows 11, sürüm 21H2 için toplu güncelleştirme KB5013889.

6. KB5014675 – Windows 11, sürüm 21H2 için Dinamik Güncelleme Seçenekleri.

7. KB5015021 – Windows 11 için Dinamik Güvenli İşletim Sistemi Güncellemesi, sürüm 21H2.

9. Windows 11 Sürüm 21H2 (İS Derlemesi) için KB5015814 Toplu Güncelleştirmesi.

(#) Windows 11 çalışma zamanı kitaplıkları:

* DirectX Son Kullanıcı Çalışma Zamanı (Haziran 2010) x86/x64.

* Visual C++ 2002 x86 yeniden dağıtımı.

* Visual C++ Yeniden Dağıtım 2003 x86.

* Visual C++ 2005 SP1 x86/x64 dağıtılmıştır.

* Visual C++ 2008 SP1 x86/x64 dağıtılmıştır.

* Visual C++ 2010 SP1 x86/x64 dağıtılmıştır.

* Visual C++ 2012 Güncellemesi 5 x86/x64 Yeniden Dağıtılabilir.

* Visual C++ 2013 Yeniden Dağıtılabilir Paket Güncellemesi 5 x86/x64.

* Visual C++ 2015-2022 x86/x64 yeniden dağıtımı.

* Visual Basic x86 Çalışma Zamanı.

* Visual Basic x86 Çalışma Zamanı.

* Visual Basic x86 Çalışma Zamanı.

* Visual Basic x86 Çalışma Zamanı.

* Visual Basic x86 Çalışma Zamanı.

* Visual Basic x86 çalıştırma ortamı (SP6 güncellemesi KB3096896).

(#) Önceden yapılandırılmış Windows 11 ayarları:

* .NET Framework = yüklü.

* Otomatik OneDrive kurulumu = devre dışı.

* Teşhis veri toplama = devre dışı.

* Tüm dosya uzantılarını göster = etkin.

* Gizli dosya, klasör ve sürücüleri göster = etkin.

* Görev çubuğu öğeleri: arama, widget’lar, sohbet = devre dışı.

* Dosya ilerleme iletişim kutusu = ayrıntılı.

* Windows Tema Rengi = Fırtına.

* Windows tema vurgu rengi = açık.

* Medya dosyalarını tarayıcıda otomatik oynat = devre dışı.

* Varsayılan tarayıcı = Firefox.

* Varsayılan medya oynatıcı = klasik medya oynatıcı.

* Varsayılan dosya arşivleyici = 7-Zip.

(#) Ek programlar:

* Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus x86/x64 (çevrimiçi yükleyici).

* 7-Zip x64 (bazı hazır ayarlarla).

* Mozilla Firefox x64 (bazı hazır ayarlarla birlikte).

* Tam K-Lite x86/x64 codec paketi (bazı hazır ayarlarla birlikte).

* HashTab x86/x64’ü açın.

(#) Windows 11 x64 sürümleri:

* Enterprise en fazla özelliğe sahiptir.

Tek dilde Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 Ana Sayfası

Windows 11 Ev N

Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 ProNWindows 11 Pro Eğitimi

Windows 11 Pro Eğitim N

İş istasyonları için Windows 11 Pro

N iş istasyonları için Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 Eğitimi

Windows 11 Eğitim N

Windows 11 Kurumsal

Windows 11 Kurumsal N

Windows 11 Enterprise çok oturumlu/sanal masaüstleri

Windows 11 IoT EnterpriseWindows 10 ekibi

* Windows 11 sürüm açıklaması:

*Windows 11 N için açıklama:

(#) Genel:

* Windows 11 için tüm dil paketleri doğrudan dil ayarları menüsünden indirilebilir: “Seçenekler – Zaman dili – Dil – Dil ekle”.

* Bu Windows 11 doğrulama modunda değildi, Microsoft DISM kullanılarak derlendi ve Windows 11 en-US x64 kaynak kodunu temel alıyor.

* Dahil olan tüm eklentiler, ISODisc “.sources$OEM$” klasöründe değiştirilebilir veya kaldırılabilir ($OEM$ klasörünün silinmesi, güncelleme #1 ve güncelleme #4’ü de kaldırır).

* Kendi ön ayarlı tarayıcı başlangıç ​​sayfanızı ayarlamak için ISODisc “.sources$OEM$” klasöründeki veya “C: Program Files” klasöründeki “initial_preferences” ve “” dosyalarını bir metin düzenleyiciyle düzenlemeniz yeterlidir sabit diskinizde ve “C:Program Files (x86)”.

* Windows 11 aktivatörü dahil değildir, ancak masaüstünde çalışan aktivatörü indirmek için doğrudan bağlantı içeren bir metin dosyası vardır.

* Sistem gereksinimleri (minimum|önerilir): 2|4 çekirdekli 1|3 GigaHertz x64 işlemci, 2|8 gigabayt RAM, DirectX 12 ekran kartı, 30|120 gigabayt boş sabit disk alanı.

(#) Yeni bir Windows 11 yüklemesi nasıl yapılır:

1. CDBurnerXP() gibi bir Brun programı kullanarak Windows 11 ISO dosyasını bir DVD’ye yazdırın veya Windows 11 ISO dosyasıyla önyüklenebilir bir USB sürücü oluşturmak için Rufus()’u kullanın.

2. Önemli dosyaları ayrı bir sürücüye yedekleyin.

3. Windows 11’de yanlışlıkla bir çevrimiçi hesap oluşturmayı veya bir hesap hatası (farklı kullanıcı) oluşmasını önlemek için, yüklemeye başlamadan önce bilgisayarınızın İnternet bağlantısını kesin.

4. Windows 11 Yükleyici menüsünde “Özel: Yalnızca Windows’u Yükle (Gelişmiş)” öğesini seçin.

5. Tüm eski Windows bölümlerini silin ve ardından Yükle’ye tıklayın (doğru sabit sürücüyü seçerken dikkatli olun)

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Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021

Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021

Geliştirici/etkinleştirici veya Windows Defender veya Windows Update için tarayıcı erişimine ekleniyor

Sistem: Windows 10 Lite – Pr Ativado Com Licensea Digital

Model: 2009 – 20H2


Deyimler: PT-BR

Mimari: x64


ISO Standardı:G

Yazar: Rurielson Ribeiro

Karma, Arquivo’yu yaptı


MD5: 74E636E753EA018315CCEC13E129780F

SHA-1: 0509A8437DBE2F32541FCB4FF4AC681B59248CDE


H-Net Çerçevesi,

H-Windows Defender

H protokolü SMB1

H – Canlı Oyun

Modern kullanıcı arayüzü uygulaması

M-Microsoft Mağazası


M – Calculadora, Windows ile çalışır

Windows Erişim Kolaylığı Aksesuarı

R – Manuteno Automtica

R – istediğiniz zaman güncelleyin

R – Karakter haritası

R – Mtodo de Entrada’nın Editörü

R – Özel Karakter Editörü

R Anlatıcı

Passos’un R-Gravatörü

R – Tablet PC (Painel de Entrada Matemtica)

R – Windows’ta Kişiler

R – Windows taşıma için Fcil

multimedya yazımı

R – entegre kilit

R – Telemetri

R – Paylaşılan Bilgisayar


R – Hızlı Destek

R – İleri Geribildirim


D – Conta Bilgileri – Geçerli cihaz bilgisi olarak erişime izin ver

D – Bilgiler – uygulamaların adlara, resimlere vb. erişmesine izin verir.

içerik bilgisi

D – Atividades Histrico – Windows’ta Minimum Etkinleştirmeleri Kapatma

D – Atividades Histrico – Deixar veya Windows, en az sayıda etkinleştirmeyi yeni sürümle senkronize eder

D – Arka Plan Programları – programları her iki arka planda da saatte bir çalıştırmanıza olanak tanır

D – Geri Bildirim ve Teşhis – kullanım teşhis verilerini etkinleştirin

D – Geri Bildirim ve Teşhis – Microsoft için Dijital ve Dijital Verileri Etkinleştirin

D – Geri Bildirim ve Teşhis – Gönderme Sıklığı Geri Bildirimi

D – Genel – Uygulamanın, uygulamayla çalışmak için gönderi kimliğimi kullanmasına izin ver


D-Windows Güncellemesi

H-Windows Defender

R – Telemetri

R – Windows İçeriden

D – DevQuery için finansman planının keşfi

D – Windows Mobile’da Hotspot



D – Para kontrolü


D – Windows Media Player için Paylaşım Kaydı

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Windows 11 Insider AIO pt-BR x64 + Office 2021

Windows 11 Insider AIO pt-BR x64 + Office 2021

What are Windows Insiders?

O Programa Windows Insider is a huge community of millions of fs to Windows, which is excellent as a beginner. To visualize Windows Insider on the platform, collect Windows Insider Previews, amplify comments, and create new features for Windows and the future.

~Fonts: Microsoft

:::: WINDOW ::::

IN window


Size: GB

Credit: Gleason Lima

BIOS: UEFI/Legacies

Format: ISO/ESD

Architecture: x64



IN window

INSIDE office


Size: GB

BIOS: UEFI/Legacies

Format: ISO/ESD

Architecture: x64


::::: NTEGRADO :::::



MS Darts –





:::::: EDIES ::::::

Win10 home page

Win10 Pro

Win10 Single Language Home

Learn Win10

Win10 Education Pro

Win10 Pro workstation

Win10 Enterprise

  • Windows 11 Insider AIO pt-BR x64 + Office 2021 Torrent Download
  • Windows 11 Insider AIO pt-BR x64 + Office 2021 Download
  • Windows 11 Insider AIO pt-BR x64 + Office 2021 download torrent

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Skype Beta+Final+Portablebobiras2009

Skype Beta+Final+Portablebobiras2009

Follow my upload here:

You can apply here:

Sydney 2009

If you like my work, you can leave a comment and add it as long as you can help me upload more.

Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64

Language: several languages

Notes for changes:

Skype allows you to make free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone calls to anyone in the world who is also using Skype on their computer, and to make cheap calls from your PC to landlines and mobile phones around the world. Skype uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to connect you with other users. This time, not for sharing files, but for communication and communication with friends. This technology is very advanced, but very easy to use. You will instantly be able to call your friends for free! It is also a messenger as it has built-in chat. Skype is the easiest way to save money on your phone bill. Skype does more than make phone calls. It also allows you to video and text chat and send SMS messages. The latest version of Skype also has great integration with Firefox, you can call any phone number you see on the website with just one click. Skype automatically recognizes your headset, microphone and speakers, so you don’t have to worry about settings.

To call another Skype user, just enter the username and you’re done. You can also save a list of users for easy recall. To call landlines and mobile phones, you need to create an account and buy credit. Then, during each call, the credit will be used. Calling other people on Skype is free, so you can talk whenever you want, not just on special occasions. Call to call mom when you’re on the go, kisspartner during a video call when he is on a business trip, or use it for casual calls and catch up. And if you know people who don’t use Skype, you can also call them at great prices.

Sydney 2009

  • Skype Beta+Final+Portablebobiras2009 Download
  • Skype Beta+Final+Portablebobiras2009 download
  • Skype Beta+Final+Portablebobiras2009 Torrent

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Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice

Free Open Source Office Suite The Apache Software Foundation received a free open source office suite from Oracle Corporation in 2011 and has been managing the platform ever since. Launched as Apache OpenOffice in 2012, it is available for Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows. Its main features include word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, formula editing and is Apache OpenOffice? Apache OpenOffice offers a complete office suite similar to Microsoft 365, especially in Excel, PowerPoint and Word. It allows you to manage projects more efficiently, while providing support for various file formats. Its main advantage over alternative programs is that it is free to download and (function() {(‘review-app-page-desktop’); }); Here is a list of software packages you will have access to: : This is a word processing program that allows you to write any content such as letters, reports and: You can use this powerful spreadsheet to analyze, calculate and present information with advanced graphics: Here is the program you need for multimedia presentations when you need to impress your customers with the following features: If you have artistic abilities or requirements, you can design anything from simple diagrams to 3D models: This feature allows you to easily create and manipulate information in the database, create forms, queries, tables and reports for the following: here you will find no just a calculator. The module has several formulas, providing a clear interface for editing each of the inputs to arrive at a solution. There are regular updates and the latest version has fewer bugs and improved functionality. The software is available not only in English. Apache OpenOffice FastDL download free torrent
You can choose from several additional languages. The developer is so keen to guarantee worldwide access that if your native language is not available, you can request it through the support that OpenOffice has found in many industries such as government, business, non-profits, IT and F/OSS lawyers to name just a few. It is also the first program to rely on the OASIS OpenDocument format as its default file format. Since the platform is free, you can distribute copies of your files to colleagues, friends and family, and Apache OpenOffice is not the same as OpenOffice. From 1985 to 1999, Star Division had an office suite called StarOffice. It had similar functions, consisting of several programs for simple typing, editing and calculations that evolved. In 1999, Sun Microsystems took over the software for their company’s use, refined it to meet their requirements, and renamed it (OOo). Under the OpenOffice brand, they developed it further, adding word processors, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and formulas. Finally, in 2000, the company released open source software to compete with Microsoft Office. Back then it was still a commercial product, but soon in 2010 the corporation would become the owner of Sun Microsystems. It was decided to hand over the Apache Software Foundation platform. The free open source version that you can use today is derived from the original StarOffice and the nextOpenOffice version is better: Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice? The first significant difference between LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice is that the former receives more regular updates. Of course, this advantage has pluses and minuses. You are assured of frequent patches and new features, while at the same time there is the potential for more issues with the tools as they both offer similar tools. However, there is only one exception. LibreOffice also includes charts as an additional option. This feature helps you add the necessary images to your presentations or spreadsheets, giving a big advantage that OpenSource wins the trophy when it comes to languages. If you choose English during setup, LibreOffice will stay with it until you uninstall and reinstall the program. The Apache platform has plugins with which you can change the language, as we mentioned, Apache OpenSource can work with many file formats, it cannot store them in so many. If you want to send your family files to open in Excel or PowerPoint, LibreOffice is a better option. It saves them in the format you want, which can then be accessed by anyone you send them to in Microsoft Apache OpenOffice compatible with Windows 10? The Apache Software Foundation office suite is fully compatible with Windows 10. One of the latest updates allows the system to build the OpenOffice SDK with Java 8. There are also some bug fixes and a solution to the warnings that the Java version is invalid. Several language dictionaries have also received updates, making the new Apache OpenOffice safe to use? The software is backed by the Apache OpenOffice security team, which provides a solution to any security problem. You can use a checksum to verify that the downloaded file is not corrupted, and the site also provides guidance on document protection. If you are concerned about sharing stored information, consult the Apache Software Foundations. Privacy should be aware of certain Apache OpenOffice trademarks that are not allowed to be used without permission from the Apache Software Foundation. Some logos and online elements are copyrighted, so you should check the website to confirm what you can do with office documents at your fingertips. Microsoft 365 may be one of the best office suite brands in the world, but it comes at a hefty price. Apache OpenOffice provides the same document types with a few limiting features. If you have a small business or need something for personal use, this platform can meet your needs without emptying your wallet..

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  • Apache OpenOffice Torrent Download
  • Apache OpenOffice Torrent

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Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 OFF19 en-US JAN 2020 {Gen2}

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 OFF19 en-US JAN 2020 {Gen2}

* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 en EE. UU. ENERO DE 2020

* Versión 1809 Edificio

* Oficina integrada 2019 ProPlus

* Archivo:

* Tamaño: 4,70 GB

* Formato: ISO de arranque

*FUENTE: KS21-96425

*CRC32: 2b889362

*MD5: 11bd38a7e1bee2728ab0a15ec504ebd1

* SHA-1: 3bac8adbb264b68fadd85b477c6ca843a113b730

Integrado / preinstalado:

* Oficina 2019 ProPlus VL de 64 bits

* Grupo de servicio de actualización:


* Actualización acumulativa:

* KB4534321

.NET Framework *

* .NET Framework:

* KB4486153

* Actualización acumulativa para

* .NET Framework y:

* KB4535669

* Actualizaciones de seguridad de Flash Player:


Instalación completada/después de la instalación:

* Actualización del defensor


* Windows 10 Empresa LTSC 2019

* Oficina 2019 ProPlus VL

* Activadores: KMS38 KMS Online

* Listo para UEFI

* (Use la herramienta USB Rufus incluida para poder arrancar a través de UEFI)

* Kit de herramientas de diagnóstico recuperación (Microsoft DaRT)

* comprimido a formato de recuperación ()

* Cree un USB de arranque (muy recomendable) usando Rufus,

* (suministrado) grabar en DVD-DL a baja velocidad.

* WindowsAddict, autor del script de activación de Windows

* ¡Espero que disfrutes de este lanzamiento!


* Generación 2

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 ESD en EE. UU. SEPTIEMBRE DE 2021

Versión 1809 Edificio

* Archivo:

* Tamaño: 3,65 GB

* Formato: ISO de arranque

*CRC32: e455a7b9

*MD5: aebd3ad0f844094f2dabd949c1f7917a

* SHA-1: 5c6ba687ee8df663443fe670bfdfa52d69059b0c

Integrado / preinstalado:

* Grupo de servicio:


* Actualización acumulativa:


* NET Framework

* NET Framework:

* KB4486153

* Actualización acumulativa para

* NET Framework y:


* Actualización para eliminar Adobe Flash Player:



* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – versión estándar

* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – DLA

* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – OEM

* STD = configuración estándar – para aquellos que tienen su propia clave de licencia

* DLA = Activación de licencia digital (HVID)

* OEM: se activa automáticamente si está instalado

* misma versión en equipo original

* Listo para UEFI

* (Utilice la herramienta RufusUSB incluida para iniciar UEFI)

* Kit de herramientas de diagnóstico recuperación (solo)

* comprimido a formato de recuperación ()

* Cree un USB de arranque (muy recomendado) usando Rufus,

* (suministrado) grabar en DVD-R a baja velocidad.

* Windows_Addict, autor del script de activación de Windows

* ¡Espero que disfrutes de este lanzamiento!


* Generación 2

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The Lost City 2022

The Lost City 2022


Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Director: Adam Ni
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt, Da’Vine Joy Randolph
Plot: A story about a lonely writer who was convinced there was nothing worse than getting stuck touring a book with her cover model until an abduction attempt took them on a relentless jungle adventure, proving that life can be much more bizarre and romantic. than any of her soft novels.
Container = Matroska (mkv)
Duration = 01:47
File size = 847 MB
Codec information = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×304
Display AR = | : one
Baud rate = Frame rate = CFR Color space = YUV
Color sampling = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – core 157
– Audio
Codec information = AAC A_AAC-2
Channels = 2
Baud rate = sampling frequency = kHz
Language = English

The lone tour writer with her cover model is the victim of a kidnapping attempt that sends them on a brutal jungle adventure.

Leonard (Mark Rylance), an English tailor based in Chicago, with his assistant (Zoe Deutsch) runs a corner sewing shop, where he makes beautiful clothes for those who can afford it: evil gangster families. One night, two assassins (Dylan O’Brien, Johnny Flynn) knock on his door in need of service – and Leonard finds himself on a board in a deadly game of fraud and murder..

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