IDM UltraEdit 29 x64-x86 Installer torrent download

IDM UltraEdit 29

IDM UltraEdit 29

UltraEdit is a powerful disk-based text editor, application editor, and hex editor used to edit HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, C / C ++, Python, and almost any other encoding / programming language. UltraEdit can process and edit more than 4 giant files.


Text editing on disk – supports editing 4 GB + large files, minimum RAM.

Adjustable tab settings (values ​​to stop multiple tabs, use space instead of tabs, nc)

Options for closing tabs / words depending on file type / extension

Enter / hit mode with the notification indicator and status bar

The order of the paragraphs

Left, center, right, fill (fixed-volume fonts)

Change paragraph format (clears and beautifies text)

Support for line spacing for one and two spaces

Drag to edit

Smooth connection (with additional space integration)

Double-click (optional Shift switch) to select all instances of the selected word

Transmission line indicator (optional).

Saved changes are displayed in green

Unsaved changes are highlighted in red

Customizable colors (set in the editorial theme)

Automatic input of closed lines

Support for very long strings (up to 20,000 characters added to collapse)

Key places first without a space, then the first letter

Support for IntelliMouse mobile devices

Support for Unicode / UTF-8 native editing

and more

UltraEdit is a world-class text editor. He works as a lead editor for programmers, professional developers, researchers, bloggers, web developers, ICT professionals and everyone else! Whether it’s basic editing, from basic editing to full project development or heavy data mining, millions of people consider UltraEdit to be their daily computing solution.

Why use UltraEdit?

Unsurpassed power,functionality, activation, file download. No other editor can download and process files with a capacity like UltraEdit.

Personalized, customizable and beautiful themes. Rinse the entire program, not just the editor to your liking.

OS integration (command line, shell extension). Enable UltraEdit directly from the Windws Explorer context menu. Connect to your favorite programs and services with command line support.

Quickly find / edit and find / convert to file. No one is looking for it like UltraEdit. Almost all the search features you can come up with, and then some.

Fully integrated file. Various instant operations. You will quickly see the visible difference of your code directly from UltraEdit.

Original FTP / SFTP browser, SSH / telnet settings. Access your servers and open FTP files directly on UltraEdit. Discover remote servers, edit in the command column and much more!

Powerful file type / selection. UltraEdit power type makes work faster. Place several buttons of the array according to the vertical column or place according to the field.

Excellent processing of large files in the industry: 10+ GB and more. UltraEdit eats a big file for lunch. Easily open a file with large GB units and easily configure them.

Hexadecimal editing. Edit vertical / block columns. Built-in hectare editing mode with vertical column editing mode gives you more flexibility in editing file data.

Special support for XML and JSON.
Master PDF Editor 5 installer Torrent Download Quickly analyze and change XML and JSON formats. Review the code structure in the XML controller or JSON manager. Easy to identify and correct errors.

Description of the UltraEdit function:

Syntax highlighting for almost any encoding language

Are you coded by SAS, Parliamentary Languages, COBOL, Lisp, Oracle or MATLAB? In addition to the many languages ​​we use for basic options,we also maintain a database of over 600 word files available to you, including many obscure programming languages. From Actionscript to zMUD – we will prepare you!

Editorial topics

The editor theme gives you complete control over the visibility of the program, from menus to executable windows, from controls and color editor to status bar style, and more. UltraEdit comes with many default themes, but you can create your own and share it with other users.


Want a simple interface? Settings provide this with just one click. Go from a powerful multi-window layout to a smooth and clean minimalist layout without turning off every window and control panel! Create your own settings or use one of our default settings.

FTP client included

Open, modify and save files from any remote server! With FTP, SFTP and FTPS and a wide range of server types, UltraEdit provides one of the most powerful FTP clients available in any available editor. You can even add FTP files to your projects and lists and sync local and remote directories.

Integrated usage comparison file

From internal to remote, copy work to copy source, current version of copy repository and more with UltraCompare Lite! Included as an integrated program / contrast, UC Lite allows you to distinguish files directly from UltraEdit. Contact an UltraCompare specialist for more power.

Find and change forcibly

Find everything with the powerful and easy-to-use UltraEdit search and change system! Search for large memory files, list all rows with the search bar, search according to the format and change them with the support of standard expressions, search in the vertical column with the selected text, save parameterssearch, convert to one file or open all files, show and hide lines in a certain sequence and more.

Search and convert to file

Increase the power of the UltraEdit search / convert engine to search for and convert files! Quickly search for any folder or drive on your system and provide a list or report of which files are in your search sequence. Use file transfer to quickly convert data to multiple files at once.

File and project manager

Manage files easily with the included UltraEdit file and project monitor! Create projects to organize source files and folders and connect them to remote FTP sites. Use the provided file tree to quickly view, filter, and open files on your system. Create specific lists of favorite files and more.

Bright patterns

Bright templates provide a complete combination of code completion, auto-expansion and auto-completion that are context-sensitive. With Advanced Templates, you can customize certain language code templates and paste them according to the type of source file you are editing. In addition, smart templates allow you to add as many special features to your template as you like, and then view them during setup to complete the template.


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