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Cisdem PDFMaster 2

Cisdem PDFMaster 2

PDFMaster is a complete PDF software solution that allows you to convert, create, edit, merge, split, compress, encrypt and extract PDF files. It has an intuitive interface that puts commonly used functions at your fingertips, so you’ll become a PDF master in no time.

Edit PDF like a pro

A simple, fast and versatile PDF editor designed for everyone.

Edit texts

Add new text to any PDF file and edit existing text by formatting, adjusting font style, size, color or alignment of words, sentences and paragraphs.

Edit pictures

Add images to PDF from your computer, move, rotate and resize them to seamlessly add logos, graphics or more to your PDF.

Edit links

Enter the hyperlink URL or page number of the PDF file and effectively improve the user experience by directing them to the desired page or section.

Convert PDF files to different formats

Convert PDF files to Word (docx, doc), Excel (xlsx), PowerPoint (pptx), EPUB, Plain Text (txt), RTF (rtf), HTML, PDF/A, XOD, XPS, Image (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, tiff, svg).

The converted document retains the text, images, table elements, and original formatting and layouts.

Batch convert PDF files to other file formats at breakneck speed.

Partially convert specific pages or multiple PDF pages.

Turn scans into searchable PDF files with OCR

Recognize scanned text and PDF images so you can easily search, copy and extract them.

Process files with exceptional OCR accuracy and retain the same appearance as the original scans.

Export scans to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, EPUB, RTF, etc. Editable, you can view or edit the file in other applications.

Batch conversion scans with unattended automation and high speed.

It supports multiple file languages.

Create PDF files from other documents

Create standard PDF from PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, RTF, HTML, Image (jpeg, bmp, png, gif, heic, psd, etc.) etc.

Create a batch of PDF files from multiple files and file types.

Create PDF files from specific pages or page ranges of document files.

Create a single PDF file by combining multiple file types.

Mark up PDF files easily

PDF comments and annotations are added to convey ideas or highlight important points. Cisdem PDFMaster allows users to underline, underline or cross out text to improve readability. It also provides PDF markup and annotation tools such as shape, pen, note and highlight text to add additional information to your PDF files. You can even easily sign PDF documents, add a stamp, attachment, calendar as you wish. The measurement tool can accurately calculate the dimensions and distances of objects in PDF drawings.

Fill out and create PDF forms

The best PDF form filler and creator for employment, education, healthcare, finance and government forms. PDFMaster makes filling out PDF forms easier than ever, so you can easily sign, email and send. It also creates fillable and interactive PDF forms by adding an editable text box, check box, radio button,combo box, combo box, or signature box to edit the forms inside or send a file to retrieve information.

Protect privacy and edit sensitive data in PDF format

Keep prying eyes and unauthorized access away!

Set a password

Set an opening password to protect PDF files from unauthorized access. Add an authorization password to prevent printing, modification or copying. You can encrypt files with 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES or 128-bit RC4.

Mark for writing

Permanently remove sensitive data from PDF files to prevent confidential data leakage and say goodbye to privacy nightmares.

Digital signature

Add a digital signature to prove the signer’s identity and protect your files with the highest level of security. If you want to log in electronically with a different look, use an existing ID or create a new ID.

Organize and manipulate PDF pages effortlessly

Remove unwanted pages from PDF with a quick click.

Vertical or horizontal pages are displayed correctly by turning the pages left or right

Extract specific pages from a PDF file and save them as a separate file.

Add blank pages before or after a specific page on the fly.

Split PDF into multiple PDF files based on page count.

Replace the pages of the local file or provide a URL to keep the file up-to-date.

The all-in-one PDF toolkit you need

Keep all the PDF tools you need in one place to keep things organized.

PDF view

Read PDF files with pleasure by setting the page offset, direction and layout, the user interface is simple and clear.

Compressed PDF

Reduce the size of PDF files with four compression levels. Batch packaging fast.

Extract the PDF

Remove restrictions on printing, modifying and copying PDF files. You can remove open protection by entering the user’s password.

PDF comparison

Notice the differences between different PDF versions using the side-by-side view to streamline the review process.

Watermark in PDF format

Place a watermark on a PDF file to identify copyright, prevent theft, or identify your brand with a predefined style and location.

PDF cropping

Cut unwanted parts from all PDF pages, current page or specified pages. Cut the pages correctly using the custom cutting measurements.

PDF printing

Send PDF files to a printer for fast, high-quality printing. Configure print settings to print watermark files if needed.

Chart in PDF format

Create a table of contents that shows the structure of the document so you can quickly move from one section to another.

PDF metadata

View metadata for file size, creation date, manufacturer, version, etc. Also edit PDF metadata such as title, subject, keywords, author of search information

System requirements: Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, Windows11 64-bit operating system required.

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