JetBrains WebStorm 2022

JetBrains WebStorm 2022

WebStorm gives you intelligent coding support for JavaScript and languages ​​compiled with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Enjoy code completion, powerful navigation, debugging and refactoring for all these languages.


Modern frames

WebStorm offers advanced coding support for Angular, React, and Meteor. Enjoy PhoneGap, Cordova, and Ionic support for mobile and server-side development with an all-in-one IDE!

A smart editor

The IDE analyzes your project to provide the best code completion results for all supported languages. Hundreds of built-in checks flag potential problems as you type and provide quick fix options.

search navigation

WebStorm helps you bypass code more efficiently and save time when working on large projects. Navigate to a method, function, variable definition or search for usages with just one click.

Debugging, monitoring and testing

WebStorm provides powerful built-in tools for debugging, testing, and monitoring client-side and application applications. With minimal configuration and thoughtful IDE integration, WebStorm makes tasks much easier.


WebStorm provides an integrated debugger for your client code (running in Chrome) and applications. Set breakpoints, step through code, and evaluate expressions without leaving the IDE.

unit tests

Run unit tests with ease as WebStorm is integrated with Karma Test Runner and Mocha. Run and debug it directly in the IDE, see the results in an engaging and visual format, and navigate to the test code.

Tracking and Profiling

WebStorm includes spy-js, a built-in tool that you can use to monitor JavaScript code. Explore how files relate to function calls and effectively identify potential bottlenecks.

Seamless integration of tools

WebStorm integrates with popular command-line web development tools, giving you a productive and streamlined development experience without using the command line.

build tools

Use a simple, unified user interface to run Grunt, Gulp, or npm tasks directly from the IDE. All tasks are listed in a dedicated tool window, so just double-click on the task name to run it.

Code Quality Tools

In addition to WebStorms’ hundreds of native checks, it can run JSHint, ESLint, JSCS, or JSLint against your code and highlight any issues right in the editor.

project templates

Start new projects on the home screen with popular project templates like Express or Web Starter Kit, and access even more project generators thanks to Yeoman integration.

IDE features

WebStorm is built on the open source IntelliJ platform, which we at JetBrains have been developing and improving for over 15 years. Enjoy the fine-tuned yet highly customizable experience it offers to fit your development workflow.


WebStorm provides a single user interface for working with many popular version control systems and provides a consistent user experience between Git, GitHub, SVN, Mercurial and Perforce.

Local history

Whether you use VCS or not, local history can be a real code savior. You can always view the history of a particular file or directory and revert to any previous versions.


WebStorm is highly customizable. Customize it to suit your programming style,from shortcuts, fonts and visual themes to tool windows and editor layout

System requirements

– Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8 64-bit versions

– minimum 2 GB RAM, recommended 8 GB RAM

– GB of hard disk space, SSDs are recommended

– Minimum screen resolution of 1024 768

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