StartAllBack 3.6

StartAllBack 3.6

Introducing StartAllBack: Windows 11 with an improved timeline, embracing, improving and sweeping the classic user interface under the rug.

Restore and improve the taskbar

Show labels on task icons

Adjust icon and margin size

Move the taskbar up, left or right

Drag items to the taskbar

Center the task icons but leave the start button on the left

Segment, use dynamic transparency

Individual corner icons with Windows 7/10 user interface

Restore and improve the user interface of File Explorer.

The ribbon and command line have been updated with transparent effects.

Detail panel at the bottom

The old search box (the one that works)

Dark mode support for more dialogs

Restore and improve context menus

Completely new look with rounded acrylic menus

Fast and responsive menu in the taskbar

New fonts, improved touch support

Restore and improve the start menu

Launch applications and navigate to system folders with one click

Navigate drop-down menus like a boss

Enjoy fast and reliable searching

Finally, lightweight styling and UI consistency

Enjoy Windows 7, Windows 10 and third-party taskbar and start menu styles.

Fix interface inconsistencies in Win32 applications.

Don’t Be Blue: Recolor the UI of all Windows apps

Negative resource usage: Less RAM used, fewer processes running.

OS: Windows 11


After the official release of Windows 11, many of you want to try it. As the name suggests, StartAllBack is a small and lightweight tool that helps you enjoy the power of a new operating system while maintaining the look and feel, especially since the main workspace, desktopWindows 7, Windows 10 desktop like taskbar and start menu styles.

StartAllBack is specially designed for Windows 11 and does not work on older operating systems. If you want to bring the Start menu back to Windows 10, download StartIsBack.

Features of StartAllBack:

Restore and improve the context menu:

Brand new round acrylic menu

Fast and responsive menu in the taskbar.

New font, better support.

Start menu fixes and improvements:

Launch apps and access system space with one click

Move like a boss

Enjoy fast and reliable searches.

Simplified style and interface consistency:

Great taskbar and start menu styles for Windows 7, Windows 10 and third parties.

Fix conflicting user interfaces in Win32 applications

Don’t Go Blue: Change UI color in all Windows apps

Negative resource usage: less RAM, fewer process starts.

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